Women’s Dreams

It’s Women’s History month. Notice we don’t need a Men’s History month! Our stories slip into the spaces between…between the battles, the treaties, the land acquisitions, and until recently, between the laws passed. The idea that we’re part of “real” history is relatively new, and until we’re completely integrated into mainstream history, our stories will have to be told separately.

The Harlot’s Pen tells a tale of an ambitious reporter who embeds herself (literally!) in a high-class brothel to write the story of the working woman in the tumultuous times of women’s suffrage, the minimum wage, and Prohibition. Welcome to 1920 San Francisco!

2 thoughts on “Women’s Dreams

    • It certainly is! Or should I say Are! THE HARLOT’S PEN and JOSEFINA’S SIN are both available on Amazon or you can order through your local bookstore, in both e-book and paperback. Thanks! Claudia

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