No chocolates or roses. Equal living-wage pay, please.

No roses, chocolates or congratulations, please!  Do you know these women? Guess why not!

Who was Anita Whitney?


Leader and early founder of the American Communist Party, she was an ardent suffragist and working women’s rights advocate who went to jail for her beliefs.

Who was Valeska Bary?


Working within the government, she advocated zealously for the minimum wage for women with the Department of Social Welfare in California, and went on to an appointment to the Federal War Labor Policies Board in 1918.

Women’s Day was designed to commemorate the women who led the Labor Movement in 1900-1920 and it began as a socialist “holiday”. No roses, chocolates or congratulations please. Just an equal right to work, to fair and living-wage pay, to benefits and to success on our own merits, thank you. ‪#‎WomensHistoryMonth‬ ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬

the harlots pen

Read more in The Harlot’s Pen, the story of women in the labor movement in 1920, as told by a woman journalist, through the eyes of a prostitute. And no chocolates, thanks.

Walking the streets of San Francisco

There’s walking the streets and street-walking, right? Last year I took the Dasheill Hammett’s San Francisco walking tour with the magnetic Don Herron. We peeked into John’s Grill (home of the Maltese Falcon) and saw the very spot where Sam Spade’s partner was shot…in the fictional real world.

We got to talking, and I told him about my book. He said he’d mention me in a blog post someday. Well check it out!

Take the tour. It’s $20 and wear your walking shoes. After all, if you’re going to walk #thestreetsofSanFrancisco you’d better be able to walk up hill!